Australian Taxi Industry Association


The ‘Grab a Cab!’ campaign is an initiative of the Australian Taxi Industry Association (ATIA) to raise awareness within the community of the benefits of using licensed taxis.

The emergence of ride-hailing and other imitation taxi services in Australia has sparked concerns within the industry for the safety of passengers and the wider community.

Getting into an imitation or unlicensed taxi means you have no guarantee that your driver is unaffected by drugs and alcohol, has been certified medically fit, and has passed stringent checks of their criminal and traffic histories.

It means you have no guarantee that the vehicle being used meets important safety requirements demanded of licensed taxis, in terms of identification, road worthiness and insurance cover.

Unlike choosing a licensed taxi, it means you have no guarantee that your privacy will be protected, your fare will be priced fairly, and that you will not be discriminated against if you have a disability (e.g. travel in a wheelchair) or drivers rate you poorly.

Don’t Risk It, Grab a Cab!

Always use a licensed taxi