Australian Taxi Industry Association

Trust Taxis

It makes good sense to trust licensed taxis and to ‘Grab a Cab!’ as your 1st choice when travelling:

  • Taxis are an essential service for communities across Australia, providing on-demand door-to-door public transport, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Taxis do not discriminate, providing transport to everyone, including the elderly, the disadvantaged and Australians with disabilities.
  • Australian taxis are environmentally friendly with the fleet mostly comprising hybrid electric and LPG vehicles.
  • Australian taxi drivers are required to pass comprehensive character assessments and stringent criminal history background checks.
  • All Australian taxi networks, taxi vehicles and taxi drivers operate under regulations designed to protect passengers and to make travel safe, accessible and affordable.
  • Australia’s 68,000 cab drivers are self-employed, meaning that by catching a licenced taxi, you are supporting small business.